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The Santalia Story

Sandalwood has been prized for centuries for its cleansing and healing properties. At Santalia, our exclusive formulas blend Sandalwood with other active ingredients to help give you clear, balanced skin.

Sandalwood, the bioactive extract in our skincare products, is taken from Sandalwood trees grown sustainably in Western Australia. Many healing traditions have used this ancient botanical ingredient for  centuries, from India to Indonesia, Fiji to Australia. A precious commodity traded between Asia and Europe via the Spice Route, Sandalwood was considered as rare and valuable as silk, pearls, opium, and gold. In addition to its medicinal uses, Sandalwood also has a long history as a prized aromatic, used to create incense burned for religious and other sacred purposes.

Today, scientific testing demonstrates that Sandalwood oil is many times more effective at controlling bacteria, stopping inflammation, and restoring balance to the skin than other botanical extracts or essential oils. In fact, Sandalwood is also now the subject of promising new clinical testing as a potential treatment for serious health conditions. Part of sandalwood’s unique promise as a healing agent is that it is extremely well tolerated, with almost no significant side effects reported from its use. This contrasts strongly with other well-known botanicals, such as tea tree oil, which have been shown to exhibit high risks of toxicity.

As manufacturers of health and beauty products, we are passionately committed to protecting the health and beauty of our planet – as well as the health and beauty of our customers and their skin. While wild sourced East Indian sandalwood trees are becoming endangered through deforestation, our products are manufactured soley from sustainably grown Sandalwood trees. We are the only healthcare company to use East Indian Sandalwood oil from Australian plantations, grown by our partner,  TFS Corporation, Ltd.  The world’s leading sandalwood plantation, TFS is committed to fostering the best practices for our climate, community, and biodiversity –delivering long-term benefits to its customers, the company, and the globe. The company’s factory in Albany, Australia has set a world-precedent through its environmentally sustainable production methods, which include burning waste wood in the biomass boiler and recycling rainwater for the distillation process. Recently, they have reduced their water-use by 75% through this method.

Santalia was created by Santalis Pharmaceuticals. Santalis is focused on developing and commercializing innovative, proprietary botanical products that provide consumers and patients with the healthcare benefits of sustainably harvested sandalwood.